Delivering Major Capital Project Results

9 out of 10 capital projects experience cost overruns and benefit shortfalls typically in the order of 50 to 100 percent.* Can you afford for your project to be one of these statistics?

The first step is to get the right people into the right role. Having an experienced and qualified project team on our client’s capital project improves their opportunity for success. PTAG utilizes a proven methodology – Plan, Resource and Deliver – to identify and attract the skills which drive the most value in their projects.

Less than 6% of industrial projects meet “best of class” predictability and effectiveness in budgeting cost and schedule.* What will it cost if your capital project gets off track?

PTAG's project professionals help our client's capital projects organization develop best in class governance and execution processes to manage, plan, execute and commission their projects. Using our methodology - Strategic, Tactical, Operational - we help our clients mitigate risks associated with scope, cost, schedule, safety, quality and compliance at all stages of the project by ensuring their projects are following best in class processes. 

Majority of companies experience an average 12% decline in share price within 3 months of a major capital project delay.* Avoid this risk by making sure your project remains on schedule at the start.

Ad hoc solutions for Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) effect a projects’ operational, human, and reporting requirements. PTAG’s PMIS review process – Evaluate, Optimize, and Integrate – ensures that our clients’ project systems fully support the best in class processes at every stage of their capital project’s life cycle.


PTAG partners with our clients to address challenges on major capital projects through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships. To explore more about our current and past project experience, click below.

Central Canada’s first new potash mine

Project Overview

Greenfield run-of-the-river hydro project

Project Overview

Multi-billion dollar hydroelectric project in Eastern Canada

Project Overview

Multi-billion dollar crude oil pipeline

Project Overview

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