North American Pipeline Integrity Forum 2014

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Pipeline incidents in North America continue to make headlines. The oil and gas industry is under tremendous pressure to meet regulatory demands regarding infrastructure safety. How are operators and service providers innovating and adapting?

CI Energy Group’s North American Pipeline Integrity Forum will showcase leaders in the energy sector and offer key insights on how companies have embraced new generations of tools to resolve their most difficult challenges:

  • Learn to execute superior leak monitoring programs by embracing advanced pigging technologies and to bolster crack-detection capabilities by adopting EMAT and Multiple DataSet inspection tools
  • Discover how to protect your assets from dangers by utilizing unique risk assessment software predicting imminent failure
  • Sharpen your company’s performance track record by understanding whether the most critical indicators are being measured
  • Explore the use of pioneering materials to build and expand pipelineinfrastructure: How do they test against environmental threats and other challenges?
  • Review major industry challenges and key pipeline incidents over the years and hear how these scenarios led to changes in corporate culture and the adoption of new approaches: Is there a perfect technology to use in all cases?
  • Hear how the One-Call program is maturing to prevent excavation damage and the potential impact of pipeline integrity regulations on the horizon

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